X and Y chromosomes

                     When I was little when my mom takes me and my two sisters out, peope will always ask  her, “3 anhen kudhin tha thibeni? Firihen kujjehnuhurey?, dhen nuhoadhaanan tha? Adhi libeyne firihen kujjeh” – “you have three daughters? You dont have a son? Dont you want another kid so that you may get a son”. She would respond saying she is lucky to have three daughters and our sex make no difference to her.  Well at that time it didnt bother me much but as the time passed those judgemental questions and comments started getting on my last nerve especially when some couldnt shut up about my mother getting a grand daughter instead of a grand son.


          Hello, we grew up fine. We can tile a floor, we can plum the pipes, we can clean  2500 litre watertanks, we can arrange and fix furnitures, we can make board games, we can paint walls, we can carry our gas bottles as well as 20litre water bottles, we can cut trees, we can travel across the country on rough seas by ourselves, we can clean the fans, we can fix the roof, we can cut a fish, we can cut a chicken, we can clean and cut a rabbit, we can take out our gabbage when needed and the list could go on. So again I dont understand why it is a big deal not to have a son in a family or should I say “Y chromosomes”

                It is good if families have a balance. Sons and daughters that sure is a blessing. Alhamdhulillah from those families. But my point here is just because we are only girls we are not less of anything. We were brought up to be independant. We were taught to be the society’s male and female version. We were taught not to wait for the rescue but to be our own saviour. Therefore for all those parents who are only blessed with one kind of chromosomes, X or Y dont be sad. First of all its God’s gift, he choose for you so undoubtedly that would be the best, Y or X. Both genders are two different and unique creations of God.

              Secondly, Every kid is precious. It is how you bring them up that matters. The mentality. The will power you put in them is what would count in the long run. If you have only girls teach them to be the whole package. If you only have boys, teach them to make their own meal, wash their own cloths, clean their own rooms and bathroom, iron their own cloths, make their own bedsheets and curtainns. Do not limit their abilities depending on gender. The skills they have will not only make their lives easy but yours too.

           We have civilized since the age of human cowards burried their daughters in the name of saving the family from misfortunes and God knows what stupid reasons they had. 14 hundred years has passed since the greatest man of all   Mohamed  SAW had taught us the imporatance of women in the religion. How precious females are. The strong role women play in bringing up generations. So this 21st century when people still have that kind of attitude it makes me boil to the core, may be beacause one thing I wasn’t taught was rely on the opposite sex or any other human for that matter.

                   Strong and stable families are build up on strength of two parents, not one. (ofcourse every rule has exceptions, salute the single parents). That involves a male and a female. So if we dont make the boys and the girls super humans how are we going to save the next generation? Are we going to be those people who are gona gossip about the parents with one kind of children or are we gona be those awesome people who would help to stop the gender discrimination and help to build a better youth? A generation of beautiful, independant and strong women as well as handsome, kind and independant man. Choice is ours.


3 thoughts on “X and Y chromosomes

      • Ranel Madrid says:

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