What slipped away through my fingers

   I am sure we all have lost people that are so near and dear to our hearts. We all have missed opportunities that could have changed our lives forever. We all have dreams that are broken in front of our very own eyes. We all have things that are taken away from us by this or that. We all have wishes that never came true. We all have witnessed years of sweat and work go into drainage. We all have tasted the bitterness of loss at some point. 

                       When that happens, what we do about it is totally up to us. We can either swallow it or we can find something sweet to replace the taste or we can even decide to wash our mouths to get rid of the bitterness. Yes, I also agree there are losses that can never be filled or recovered, like people. But it isn’t true for everything, especially when it comes to materialistic things or should I say things of this dhunya. 

                       Today, I myself lost something I really wanted. I was hoping and praying for it. But it just slipped away through my fingers, I couldn’t have it. As I see it, I have  options. I can sit, cry over it and give up. Or I can say Alhamdhulillah and make it a positive thing, find another way or an alternative. 

                         So I choose the second option. Of course I am sad over my broken dream. But that is not enough to put me down neither it should be enough to put you down. Every closed door opens thousand more. Believe that. When you are on the ground lying flat is the time you need to have the most faith. God doesn’t take away something from you unless there is a greater good behind it. Whatever he takes from you he would replace it with something better. That kind of faith is what keeps anyone sane. (at least for me that is what keeps me sane plus of course chocolate and ice cream.)

                           Life is not fair. It never will be. Life is under no obligation to handover our wishes to us on a silver platter. Life doesn’t work that way. We cannot control everything that orbit around us. That is the bitter truth. But the good news  is we always have a choice.  We have the choice of not giving up. We have the choice of getting up tomorrow and make it a brand new day. We have the choice of finding a better void to fill the gap left by our loss. Outcome of a past event might not be in our hands but for sure the next step is totally in our hands with the will of God. 



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