Face the fear

image-0-02-06-ea39b4b4985c31bdc2ca9b61c20d7202a833fb1340958eb76c5013be8e34313e-VAs a kid, there were somethings I was very scared of, for instance I was very scared of the ocean. When we traveled to near by islands, I get into the boat, never opened my eyes till we reach our destination. Also when my parents took us for swimming I always stayed far away from the shore and played with sand while others enjoyed the beauty of turquoise water. If someone tried to take me close to the water I cry my lungs out so everyone gave up on me except of-course the parents.

So, one day we went to the beach, my dad carried me to the sea and put me on a surf board while I was screaming. I was too afraid to even look so I just closed my eyes and continued my lullaby but I could feel it moving, that is how I knew he was paddling. At some point it stopped moving and he asked me to open my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes all I could see was the beech far far away from where I was. (unfortunately was a Saturday so the beach was full, imagine my embarrassment).

Then I looked around, there were all shades of blue. For the first time in my life I looked at it differently. He gave me a goggle, asked me to put it on and lower my head below the water as he did. I did what he asked to because I knew screaming wasn’t going to make him take me back to the land and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I saw a creation of God, I never thought existed. The coral gardens, home of colorful sea creatures and fishes. I saw them swimming freely and all of a sudden I wasn’t scared anymore, I even learnt how to swim. Since then I have travelled across the oceans countless number of times my eyes wide open. Now the sea, waves and Ocean calms me down.

My fears didn’t end there, I was afraid of vehicles except motorbikes. I had no problem riding with my dad on his huge red motorbike but if I have to get into a car or behind a pickup that is the end of the world.  One day, I don’t remember the year dad took me out, he put me behind a pickup, a blue one which had a front like a car if I remember correctly. He was standing next to me while the driver drove it all around the island where I could see the beautiful lights and flags every where as it was an independence day. After like an hour I calmed down and realized well vehicles are not that bad either.

To top all that I was scared of darkness. When the sunsets that is it for me. I wont be able to move from one room in the same house to the other yet alone go to the bathroom on my own. But it went away when I had to be homealone. I started loving the darkness. Now I can sit in it for hours peacefully. So when the time came for me leave the home I had no fears that could keep me from doing what I want. And that made me more independant as well as my life much easier.

Well, we all have our fears but my point is in order for us to overcome them we gotta face them, head on. If we keep running away from what we are afraid of we will never be able to deal with them. If we are scared of someone confront him/her. If we are scared of a place, visit and explore the land. If we are scared of something do it. Take a step, get a helping hand if needed but face it. I believe in order for us to be in peace one of the essential is to overcome our fears. Who knows, what  scares us the most today might be what we love the most tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Face the fear

  1. Kudos to ur dad …
    Have u heard about the program ” kmme kujjaky fathan dhanna kujje ” started by p.maumoon .. Those days were fun ..
    And glad that u C the portion of endlessly beautiful reefs ..

    Liked by 1 person

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