The daughter I never gave birth to

She was born one year ago this very day. I got the message saying my sister is in labor when I just reached home after my almost 12 hours shift in the hospital. There was no other day I felt so helpless in a recent history. Just few hours prior to that I was delivering babies, assisting cesarean sections of others yet there I was miles away from home lying down on the floor of my apartment staring at my phone, waiting for the baby to be delivered by whichever means possible. All I could do was make a phone call and pray. Life’s irony I guess.

Any how the little shiny star was delivered by a cesarean section as she had already passed meconium. Ever since I got the message and saw pictures of tiny teny human being my sister brought into this world after carrying for nine long months I fell in love with her. Luckily I got to travel home in four months to meet her in person. Masha Allah a happy bubble she was and still is. She was so friendly even the first time we met, like she was expecting to see her big crazy aunt.

Well, when I met her first thing I noticed was her birth mark which is exact same birth mark as mine, the same shape, color and on the same location. Just a carbon copy. Imagine my surprise and excitement. She also has my sleeping patterns. She was four months old then but I could already see how much we have in common not to mention her love towards food just killed it. Masha Allah. Its like my mother says, may be my sister gave birth to my kid. 😛 That little thumblena won my very strong and stiff heart in few seconds.

I had to leave in two weeks but the little time got me so attached to her it was so painful to leave her. My journey back  was almost 24 hours and all I could think about was her which isnt normal for me. Good byes were never that hard for me for some reason. Even though our first interaction was short I came home again before she was eight months old and ever since we are together getting close day by day.We have made abundant memories ever since.

I love how she hits my door in the morning with her little fingers and toes, it is like my alarm clock. I love when she sit on my lap against my belly so comfortably like she is on a sofa watching her favourite rhymes. I love the way she sit and dance to Madhaha, moving her little hands in the air and going side to side. I love to hear her say ‘kokko’ everytime she sees somthing with two eyes. I love the way she tries to immitate the words and letters. I love how she will just jump on me and hugs whenever she sees me, plus how she sleep listening to me singing

Maamage kamana ekey, kaafa ge kabulo ekey

Mamma ge shabbu ekey, bappa ge boo kolhekey

Dhonthage ranbis ekey, Hello ge rankolhekey

Mee kuda kuda Amreeney, enmen loabivaa…

Its so adorable how she laughs non stop whenever we play peek-a-boo. It is so funny how she jumps up and down whenever we put her in the bath tub. It is so cute how she would only sleep on any of us whenever she is sick. It is so awesome how she crawl next to me and start playing with fat on abdomen in the middle of the night whenever I sleep on her bed. Its so amazing how she raise her hands and move her head whenever she gets something new. Alhamdhulillah a bright kid she is.

I am not a kids person. No offense to anybody but I can only take kids in small doses except for one or two little bundle of joys. But I am so scared to lose my angelina jolly. She has become such a big part of my life. Till she walked into my life I thought I have nothing more to lose but now it scares the crap out of me to live a life without her presence. They say when you are scared you know you have something worth keeping.

Yes, she is worth billions. She is my mumu. She is my little Angelina jolly. She is hello ge kuda kuda rankolhekey. She is my thumblina. She is my moochi kolhu. More than that she makes me calm and help me deal with the shit life throws at us. I will always be her hello and she will always be my favourite baby girl whose place can never be taken away. And I am forever thankful to her parents for bringing her into my life.

Happy birthday Mooooo. May we continue to live together making happy memories with quality time. May Allah shower her with endless blessings. May Allah protect her and all the kids from evil eyes and may them grow into healthy, beautiful and disciplined youngsters.  Ameen



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