The best gift

Today I heard my mom say to my niece who is barely one  “Nuroe thedhuvey.. Dharifulhaa vehttey konme faharaku nagaane meehaku naahnaane, vehttuneema amilla ah thedhuvan dhas kuran vaane” which means you wont have someone around to pick you up every time you fall so you gotta do it on your own.

Meaningful that was. I believe that is a lesson every child should learn from the first days of their lives. To be independent. To learn how to live alone and survive in this world. To have the confidence to face the fear head on. To embrace every scar on one’s body. To roar even when one is defeated. To never give up the good fight.

I am thankful I was raised exactly to be that. If it wasnt for that I wouldnt be half the woman I am today but how my mother raised me is for some other time. I am no parent and I have no clue how to raise a kid but I can promise you this teaching your son or daughter to be confidence, independence and kind to themselves as well as others are the best gifts you can ever give them.


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